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Be Kind While Doing Good

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I turned to two colleagues next to me, who looked stunned, and said, “Being respectful and professional is never underrated”.

Whether it is office gossip, blaming, disrespect, aggressive, passive aggressive, harassment, rudeness or another kind of bad behavior, it is draining and toxic. Good people leave. Productivity and reputation suffers. Often the one dishing out the unkind behavior appears incapable. It is a threat to people’s health and a threat to success. As I wrote this, I thought of people who I have enjoyed working with, and specifically those that made a project better, with their efforts, kindness and professional behavior. Listed are behaviors that created an atmosphere of collaboration and success and a general congenial experience. Hopefully this is helpful to you. Following are links to a few interesting articles on why being kind at work matters AND how to deal with people who have yet to read these articles 😉. Continue...

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