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We plan strategically to achieve our client's goals and optimize organizational culture,

solve challenges and offer strategy and support to get things done.

We provide strong content expertise, knowledge and excellence in our work products.

Our values guide us with wellness, equity and compassion at the forefront.


To achieve success with our clients, we focus with  acute listening skills and observation and have the ability to pinpoint the critical issues. We value your time and offer project management to keep the projects organized and moving forward successfully. ​​

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We offer high quality, interactive facilitated learning opportunities for organizations. With an understanding of adult learning, we assure the sessions consider various learning styles and are welcoming, engaging, applicable and fun. The facilitator provides coaching, support, new content and an opportunity for feedback and reflection. Here is a list of some of the sessions we have facilitated. 


We support teams in implementing strategies for effecting change and helping people adapt.  We prepare, support and help individuals and teams  in making organizational change with a systematic and people-centered approach to dealing with the transformation.

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The strategic planning process is a joint journey of exploration and communal decision-making for the organization’s healthy future, with the support and input of the consultant and the hard work of the team. The process is fun, eye-opening, data-driven and educational with a team-building spirit, leading the organization to an agreed upon future outlook with clear goals.


Whether for team building, problem-solving planning or something else, the facilitator’s role is to create an open and engaging space to build synergy, think, share and develop agreements while leaving  time for reflection. The goal for our sessions is energized professionals with new ideas for tackling challenges to take back to their places of work and initiate change.



The most effective board of directors understands and embraces their role. Other organizational volunteers are a true asset and they need to feel connected and engaged. We advise, train and develop tools to make both of these a reality.

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